Three trends of LED lighting industry in the future

Affected by the overall strength improvement of domestic LED industry and the favorable influence of government policies, China’s LED industry has continued to heat up in recent years, showing a good trend in terms of quantity and quality. Some industry organizations predict that China’s LED lighting market will achieve a compound annual growth rate of 26.9% between 2013 and 2018. With the development trend of high growth, China will become one of the most potential LED lighting markets in the world.

However, although the good situation is ahead, the market competition is also intensifying. Who can compete with China and be proud of the LED market? The result is still unknown. After continuous and in-depth exchanges with leading packaging enterprises and many manufacturers of lamps and lighting equipment, the paper summarizes the three development trends of China’s LED market in the future.

Trend 1: fight for brand differentiation. Products with low technology content will always be the “disaster area” of homogenization. With the upgrading of LED value chain competition, more and more LED manufacturers realize the importance of brand differentiation. In order to create a unique design and create its own exclusive advantages, more and more manufacturers are looking at the optical grade silicone lens which can be injection molded.

Trend 2: creating excellent optical quality with simplified technology will become a reality Today, LED equipment manufacturers for general lighting applications are facing a big problem: how to simplify the manufacturing process, reduce production costs, while providing better optical quality? With the progress of fluorescent powder film technology, a new generation of LED chip level packaging technology that can achieve these three goals at the same time will become more and more mature. In the future, manufacturers can innovate boldly, break through the existing mode with revolutionary design and production mode, and create a win-win situation of cost and quality between manufacturers and users.

Trend 3: LED devices will further improve the lighting efficiency and reliability. For high brightness LED applications, high-power light-emitting chips can significantly improve the lighting efficiency and stability of products. But the cost of upgrading chips is not cheap, which makes many manufacturers flinch. The appearance of high refractive index silicone resin packaging adhesive provides a more cost competitive and simple alternative for improving lighting efficiency and stability.

Post time: May-12-2020

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