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Guangzhou Weipu mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing industrial connector devices. The rich experience accumulated over the years has made Weipu an outstanding enterprise in the field of electrical appliances in China. At the same time, Weipu is also a member of the “National Technical Committee for standardization of electrical accessories” organization.

In Weipu, quality is always the most important position. We have a professional R & D team, high-quality staff, modern production equipment, perfect testing laboratory. In the production process, we strictly implement ISO9001, and we have a number of products and technical patents; and strictly implement China’s national standards GB / t11918 and GB / t11919, and jointly adopt iec60309-1, – 2 international standards.

Weipu has a complete range of products, which are generally divided into two series.

The first series of products are plug, socket and cable connector, combined socket box, combined socket box, standard power box, etc. for industrial use under 1000V, 10a-125a. The products are widely used in factory configuration, mechanical equipment, construction site, chemical industry, port, airport, water supply and drainage, sewage treatment and other projects.

The second largest series of products are WS, WP, WF, WY, SP, SF, crystal head and other electrical connectors, with current from 3a to 200A, withstand voltage from 1000V to 3000V, pole number from 2 to 61, and protection level from IP44 to IP68, which can meet various needs and use environment, especially good at outdoor waterproof connection.

Weipu has a strong R & D capability and can develop various connectors according to the special requirements of customers. Our products are widely used in machine tools, communication, power, lighting, locomotives, navigation and other fields.

Today, you can see WIPO connector applications around the world.

Welcome to use our products.

Post time: May-12-2020

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