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There are quite a few types of electronic components, and electronic connectors are one of the most commonly used ones. Many people in the industry are used to calling them in professional terms. The national standard GB4210-84 accurately describes the terms of various electronic components. Today we are We have sorted out some of the more commonly used terms. As for other terms that are not listed, you can refer to related books.

1. Connector: generally refers to a component that allows cables or wire terminals to be quickly separated or connected in a short period of time.

2. Contact center distance: refers to the center position of the contact piece on the installation.

3. Contacts: It is a conductive part that connects electronic components, and is used to provide various detachable straight-through connections from lines to circuits, lines to components, and components to components.

4. Socket Contact: This is a kind of female contact, which often needs to be inserted with the male contact, usually it needs to be connected to the side of the circuit that is charged.

5. Pin Contact: It usually needs to be used in conjunction with the jack. It belongs to a male contact and needs to be connected to the side of the circuit that is not live.

6. Plug: One of the two halves of the connector, which belongs to the male part of the connector.

7. Receptacle: It is often the half of the two-piece multi-contact connector that is fixed on the upper connection. Later, it is also installed on the panel and has a jack itself.

8. Contact resistance: the maximum allowable resistance of the pins and jacks installed on the connector under specific conditions of use.

9. Insulation resistance: The resistance that can be detected under a certain condition between the insulation materials between each butt point, between conductors and between grounding elements combined in different forms.

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