What parts does LED waterproof connector and connectors?

There are four components of the LED waterproof connector.

1, contact; 2, insulator; 3, outer casing; 4, attachment.

Contacts: The contact is the core component of the connector, which is equivalent to the human heart, the connector relies on the contact to complete the connection of the power supply and the signal.

Shell: The shell is a “leather” wrapped with the connector to protect the effect. In addition to protecting, the important use of the connector housing is fixed: it provides calibration of two male and female connectors to each other, and it is possible to have no deviation of the mouth, all the conclusions.

Insulator: The insulator can also be referred to as a base or mounting plate, and the effect of the insulator is to make the side contacts to be arranged in accordance with the required position and the spacing of the bridge and control.

Accessory: Attachment is the other effect of waterproof connector, including two types of structural accessories and attachments. For example: positioning keys, coupling rings, cable clamps, silicone circles, screws, nuts, screws, etc.

Post time: Apr-03-2023

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