What are the common security performance evaluation criteria for waterproof connector?

What are the common security performance evaluation criteria for waterproof connector?

The waterproof connector is a waterproof plug, a waterproof line, is a water-saving environment that can effectively ensure the normal power supply of the company, the signal is delivered, and the extensive research is applied to the LED outdoor, automated technology equipment, ship, military industrial field, etc., then I need to pay attention to what kind of performance in the waterproof connector? The environmental performance indicators that are commonly used by waterproof power connector include temperature, moisturizing, salt-resistant, vibration, and impact. In the industrial environment of automobile waterproof connector, such as LED lighting, city outdoor lighting projects, lighthouse, cruise ship, aviation, industrial equipment, cable, sprinklers, etc., it is necessary to use waterproof connector. A waterproof cable plug is often used in the power system. It is mainly to apply the equipment in the outdoor product, large-scale remote control, the body in the outdoor control system is not in the body. For example, in the base station of chemical plants, power plants, power supply bureaus, telecommunications networks, is used in factories with higher automation levels.

Wide waterproof plugs are widely used, such as: LED street lights, LED drive power, LED display, cable, lighthouse, cruise, industrial equipment, communication equipment, detection equipment, etc., it is necessary to use waterproof plugs. Since the market is monotonous, waterproof plugs enterprises are done according to customer needs, so there are many brands and types of waterproof plugs on the market.

1 Temperature. At present, the highest management of the connector performs 20 ° C (except for high temperature special connector), the minimum life temperature is -65oc. Due to the operation of the connector, the current generates a lot of heat at the contact point, which leads to temperature rise, so we can generally think that the temperature should be equal to different temperature plus contact temperature in the social environment.

2 moisturizing. Wet invasion has a great influence on the insulation performance of the connector, and the metal parts are easy to rust. According to the product specifications, the relative humidity of constant wet heat test conditions is 95% (by 98% product specifications), the temperature is + 40 ± 20 ° C, and the test time is at least 96 hours. Delivery heat test is more stringent.
3 salt fog. When working in an environment containing moisture and salted, the connector has a metal material structure, and the surface plating layer of the contact member produces China’s electrochemical corrosion, affecting the physical and electrical system performance of a connector. The salt gray test is to hang the connector in a temperature controlled test box, and use compressed air with compressed air with a standard solution of different concentrations of sodium chloride, forming a salt fog atmosphere, which is exposed by product design specifications It is specified that at least 48h.

4 Vibration and impact. The vibration and impact is an important performance of the electrical connector. In a special application environment, such as aviation and aerospace, railway and road transportation is especially important, it is an important indicator of the robustness and electrical contact reliability of the mechanical structure of the electrical connector.

5 Other environmental performance. According to the technical requirements of students, other social environments of electrical connectors have a performance study (air leakage, liquid management pressure), liquid impregnation (resistance to evil resistance to specific liquid) and low air pressure.

Weipu Electric Technology Waterproof Connectors meet the general waterproof technical standards of China’s domestic enterprises, namely IP67 standards. The product design uses the PBT material housing, the electrical system performance is relatively stable, high-strength resistance, anti-high temperature, anti-proof, corrosion resistance, the contact point is gold-plated, ensured safe and reliable data connection, high-strength corrosion resistance environment conductivity Effectively managing the temperature rise changes generated by the working current.

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