Waterproof connector’s large current development prospects

Waterproof connector’s large current development prospects

A large amount of current is a key development prospect of many electronic devices waterproof connector (connectors). A waterproof cable plug is often used in the power system. It is mainly to apply the equipment in the outdoor product, large-scale remote control, the body in the outdoor control system is not in the body. For example, in the base station of chemical plants, power plants, power supply bureaus, telecommunications networks, is used in factories with higher automation levels.

Aviation plug is an electromechanical component connected to the electrical circuit, so its own electrical parameters are the first problem that the aviation plug should first consider. The correct choice and use of the aviation plug is an important aspect of ensuring circuit reliability. Waterproof connector is applicable to a water-water environment that ensures mechanical properties of the connector in the case of a certain water pressure, and electrical performance can be used normally. Although short, compact, light, environmentally friendly, energy saving and low power consumption is the direction of consumer electronics, but the following two levels determine in many use places, the power system has developed in a large scale.

Cause: First improve the performance of the computer, improve the CPU and calculation rate, and it is necessary to increase the number of transistors and improve power. When the working voltage is constant, the current ratio will increase; second, with the development of semiconductor technology, the frequency of transistors gradually decreases, which is conducive to reducing power consumption.

However, its physical characteristics determine the power reduction rate is not as good as the operating voltage. Therefore, the current extension is the development of electronic connector performance.
Key indicator value:

In the new RF connector, each enterprise data analysis signal information transmission terminal is separated from each other. The audio signal can be well surpassing this purpose, because each of our audio signals often has one of themselves. System ground technology device pins to reduce crosstalk.

Typically, the first layer is to open the China area to separate the adjacent terminal blocks.

The next level is shielded from the line-to-line grounding device. Advanced management applications will include the development of metal grounding equipment industrial structure that is closely surrounded by data processing signal terminals per country. Metal material shields to maintain optimal selection of data secure transmission rates and signal integrity Component. Extreme natural environment application reliability and low carbon environmental protection.

In modern new technology manufacturing, many radio frequency connectors are used under extreme natural environmental standards. Waterproof connector can be used for ultra-low temperature, vibration, cold humidity and corrosive environments. This facilitates the use of RF connection. The equipment has high requirements for raw material selection, overall design and production process. New high-temperature resistant materials, new electroplating processes with membrane treatment technology, more resilience alloy products enable future radio frequency connectors to better integrate into harsh natural environments.
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