Waterproof connector connection

Waterproof connector connection

Since the launch of waterproof connectors, many people have been accepted. Waterproof joints can be applied to a water-water environment to provide a secure and reliable connector connector. For example: LED street lights, lighthouse, cruise ship, industrial equipment, sprinklers, etc., it is necessary to use waterproof connector. A waterproof cable plug is often used in the power system. It is mainly to apply the equipment in the outdoor product, large-scale remote control, the body in the outdoor control system is not in the body. For example, in the base station of chemical plants, power plants, power supply bureaus, telecommunications networks, is used in factories with higher automation levels.

Wide waterproof plugs are widely used, such as: LED street lights, LED drive power, LED display, cable, lighthouse, cruise, industrial equipment, communication equipment, detection equipment, etc., it is necessary to use waterproof plugs. Since the market is monotonous, waterproof plugs enterprises are done according to customer needs, so there are many brands and types of waterproof plugs on the market. In addition, shared bicycle and other outdoor public products can also be used, because the product has passed thousands of selection and inspections during the production process, whether it is a line or a small piece, the finished product is also made after continuous testing in the market, which can be used in extreme weather Used under conditions, so the waterproof connector of the entire connector has received the public trust and support in a short time. For example, to install outdoor lighting, in order to better look, choose yourself without learning obstacles, then we are needed as a system test fixture and connector. Cost management must have a higher budget, because purchased an outdoor waterproof connector and electrical engineering equipment, its price is not low. The most important thing is to have the actual teaching effect of the company. I believe that outdoor waterproof connector technology has been very mature. Although various manufacturers in China are different, technical analysis issues are different. In the use of outdoor waterproof connectors, safety education must be able to achieve water quality. The waterproof level is IP65 / IP66, which is suitable for most LED outdoor wiring requirements.

After most of the domestic major engineering case test, the waterproof joint is assembled, the waterproof joint waterproof level reaches IP67, and it is also suitable for injection molded men and women connector tail lock screw cap. For the LED Waste Wall Waterproof Connector, the high-quality materials are used to make environmental information protection and safety correlation coefficients improve improvement, and in many Chinese electronic product materials markets, I feel that I do this is what we do is. The more it is, it is also very nice, in the processing angle, the effect of safety and environmental protection, can clearly see the characteristics of its connectors in the highlight, bringing the choice of development customers, it Also very satisfactory. The structural design characteristics of waterproof connectors and process processing technologies are very good, and the quality does not meet the requirements of this national construction standard.

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