Two aspects of waterproof connector cannot be ignored.(2)

Second point: Applicable environment for waterproof connector

When choosing a waterproof connector, you must pay attention to its applicable environment. Waterproof connector operating temperature range and working humidity range must be greater than the temperature and humidity of the equipment. At the high temperature, a high-quality waterproof connector must be working properly under its high and low temperature indicators, and its parts and performance cannot be affected or destroyed due to the temperature of the temperature. In the selection of humidity, the humidity is too strong, which will affect the insulation performance of the waterproof connector, so when choosing, the humidity of the environment will not affect the use of the waterproof connector.
A waterproof connector has a very important indicator is an earthquake resistance and impact and squeezing. This is more thoroughly in the aerospace and railway transportation. The connector needs to have a strong, very earthquake-resistant role in which it can maintain normal work when encountering some harsh working environments, and it also needs to have a normal impact, which can maintain normal work without causing damage.

Post time: Mar-03-2023

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