RJ45 connector definition

RJ is a shorthand of Registered Jack, also known as a network connector, which is one of all connectors, is a standardized physical network interface structure and wiring way to make it the most ideal RJ45 network interface, which is a telecom connection. . The RJ45 is composed of a plug and a socket, and the two components consisting of the two components are connected between the wires to achieve electrical continuity of the wires.

The crystal head is loaded into the RJ socket, and the metal portion of the two is in contact with the shrapnel on the crystal head to ensure the stable and reliable electrical connection between the two, due to the friction between the elastic sheet and the jonup, electrical contact with the plug insertion Further strengthen is further strengthened. The body is designed with an overall locking mechanism such that the plug and socket can produce the maximum draw strength outside when the crystal head is inserted.
180 degrees and 90 degrees RJ45 connector Press the mounting position of the RJ45 module to be divided into a plate type, board upper type, and four standards of universal type. According to a plastic body, the terminal is composed, some have a metal casing that is shielded. Plastic resistance antihypertensive, flame retardant, special process design provides at least 750 repetitive swaps. The performance indicators of the RJ45 network interface include attenuation, proximal crosstalk, insertion loss, echo loss, and distal crosstalk.

The performance of RJ45: The contact resistance is 2.5mΩ, the insulation resistance is 1000mΩ, and the electrical strength is DC1000V (AC700V), one minute has no breakdown and an arc phenomenon. In these performance indicators, crosstalk is an important factor in design time, in order to make the entire link have better transmission performance, in the socket, crosstalk cancellation technology, crosstalk cancellation technology can generate the same size as the interference introduced from the plug The crosstalk signal is reversed in contrast of polarity.

If a crowned interference introduced by the modular plug is indicated by “++++”, the opposite string of the socket is represented by “—-”. When the size of the two string signals, the polarity is reversed, the total coupling string interference signal is zero.
RJ45 connector definition

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