Powerful advantages of M8 connector

Powerful advantages of M8 connector

In the modular plan of the M8 connector, by using the minimum system support and the flexible pin distribution to fixed the direction of the electrical signal, the planning energy and resources can be reduced, which not only improves the power, but also brings many significant The advantage, mainly including the following:

Reusability of planning: Whether you choose customized internal board planning or commercial sub-card or FMC standards, it helps to apply existing FPGA / card loading programs to new I / O from the beginning. Need to replace the FMC module and adjust the FPGA program slightly.

Data throughput: Supports high signal transmission rates, potential total bandwidth between subcard and carrier card is 40Gb / s, multiple I / O: Provides sufficient I / O, tightening, small space. Compatibility: Standardized power, standard signal definition, increase interaction compatibility.

Stability: Wide-area contact, use BGA package, and adds M8 connector supported by seismic performance and single-wide modules on the carrier card. The FMC standard provides two scales that can optimize the board according to the requirements or more flexibly requirements of space and requirements. They all support single-ended and differential signal transmission rates up to 2GB / s, while serial M8 connector has high signal transmission rates. Both the M8 connector use the same mechanical M8 connector. The only difference is what signal is actually transplanted, so the card with the LPC M8 connector can also be inserted into the HPC, as long as the program is proper, it can provide many derived features.

In addition, except for 68 user-defined single-ended signals or 34 user-defined differences, the LPC M8 connector also provides a serial transceiver, clock, JTAG interface, and I2C interface as an option for the basic intelligent platform management interface command. support. In the initial stage of planning, the engineers of the M8 connector are often too concerned about the planning of the entire system, and put the M8 connector in the final stage of planning. They think that M8 connector is simple, so they can put relevant plans in the final stage. Then they caught their own plans.

In early planning, M8 connector engineers tend to focus on planning the entire system and placing the M8 connector in the final stage of planning. The person in charge of the product development engineering department said they believe that the M8 connector is simple, so they can put relevant plans in the final stage. Then they caught their own plans. Too many planners have hurriedly passing the final stage of M8 connector planning. Understand space limit.

Although the M8 connector of the microplate to the board is typically less than 1 mm thick, they are often applied to closely packaged applications. In order to solve potential packaging problems, planners need to consider wiring on the PC B board, and additional wires attached to the M8 connector. “Because the spacing is small, it is necessary to raise the wires and wires. Say system planning, you need to consider these triggers. For example, if there is another component on the back of the M8 connector, it may not be easy to access.

In the end, planners also need to note that external mounting devices can sometimes handle smaller components. As the M8 connector size is reduced, the current load capacity of the M8 connector also decreases. In order to compensate for the problem of low-current load carrying capacity, planners may need to increase the number of terminals.

Post time: Jul-29-2022

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