Normal requirements for cable waterproof joints(2)

2, inner semiconductor shielding.

Where the cable body has an inner shield layer, the inner shielding layer of the joint of the pressure tube conductor portion must be restored when the joint is generated, and the inner semiconductor shield of the cable must be left in order to make the connecting head on the connecting tube can communicate with each other. Ensure the continuity of the inner semiconductors, thereby uniformly distribute the field strength at the joint pipe.

3. Processing of outer semiconductor shielding.

The outer semiconductor shield is a semiconductive material for uniform electric fields in the cable and cable joint insulation. Like the same semiconductor shield, it has played a very important role in cable and joints. The outer semiconductor port must be neatly uniform and require a smooth transition from the insulation, and in the cable connector, the semiconductor belt is connected to the cable intrinsic semiconductor shield.

4, the processing of the cable reaction cone.
The shape and abnormal resettable cone during construction, the potential distribution of the entire cone is equal, and the special cutting tool is generally adopted when the cross-linking cable reactive cone is made. It can also be heated with a micro-fire. After cutting, after basically molding, it was scratched with 2 mm thick glass, and finally used the sandpaper from being coarse to fine until it was smooth.
5, metal shielding and ground processing.

The action of metal shield in the cable and connector is mainly used to conduct cable fault short circuit current, and shield electromagnetic field on electromagnetic interference of adjacent communication equipment, and the metal shield in a good grounding state in a good grounding state, after the cable is faulty It has the ability to conduct short-circuit currents in a very short time. The grounding wire should be welded, and the metal shield and armored belt on the two-end box body are securely welded, and the grounding of the terminal should be reliable.

6. Sealing and mechanical protection of the joint. The sealing and mechanical protection of the joint is to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the joint. It should be prevented from infiltrating moisture and moisture in the cable connector, and in addition, the joint protective groove or the cement protection box should be mounted.

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