Normal requirements for cable waterproof joints(1)

Normal requirements for cable waterproof joints

Cable connector diagram and cable connector specification requirement 1, the connection conductor connection of the conductor requires low resistance and sufficient mechanical strength, and the connection cannot occur. The medium and low-voltage cable conductor connection is commonly used, and the crimping should pay attention to:

(1) Select the conductive connection tube of the appropriate conductivity and mechanical strength;

(2) Take 0.8 to 1.4 mm in the inner diameter of the pressure receiving tube and the outer diameter of the cable core;

(3) The resistance value after the crimping should not be larger than 1.2 times the cross-section conductor, the copper conductor joint tensile strength is not less than 60 N / mm2;

(4) Before crushing, the outer surface of the conductor is applied to a conductive glue in the surface of the connecting pipe, and the oxide film is destroyed with a steel wire brush;

(5) Connecting tube, sharp corners, ridges, etc. on the core conductor, etc., which is smooth with the knife or sandpaper.

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