How to extend the life of the waterproof plug?

How to extend the life of the waterproof plug

Our city is getting better and better. Whether it is a traffic trunk or a township road, the current buildings are very good, especially night lighting. Our area has begun to expand the scope of expansion. When building a street lamp, a waterproof plug must be purchased because it is usually in this open-air environment, and the wind and rain environment must be provided. Therefore, most customers who are building street lights will choose a waterproof plug, and the products produced by Technology Co., Ltd. have a long product life assessment in the same industry, so it is more suitable for our current scientific development concept.

1. Good waterproof design conventional products are suitable for use in indoors, but always connect to the power supply during outdoor use. In this case, most of them are caused by water, the circuit does not water or the plug is exposed in the rain. In order to prevent this, we use products with good waterproof designs. We purchased the F-type waterproof plug, the company’s lamp waterproof power plugs When used outdoors, the waterproof engineering is designed, and there is no need to worry about the circuit.

2. Maintenance Frequency Low Frequency Circuit Faults or installed with much higher lights, especially for street lighting is generally used in our design. The frequency of the maintenance personnel re-inspected higher. If you want to reduce the frequency of such maintenance, it is recommended to select a better F-type powerway waterproof plug because the plug has its own waterproof performance when connecting to the bulb internal circuit. It can isolate water with loop and the possibility of malfunction is small.

3. This product has cost effectiveness. The purchase of products is of course a higher quality product, but it is necessary to consider economic issues. We’d better buy products with cost-effective, affordable and quality, such as cost-effective F-type powerway waterproof plugs, good waterproof performance, long service life, and save economic costs.

Post time: Jul-16-2022

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