Car waterproof connector design requirements?

Car waterproof connector design requirements?

Compared to common waterproof connectors, automotive waterproof connectors are not only required for waterproof performance, but also have higher requirements for electrical, shielding and temperature. Nowadays, the popular management specifications in the international are IP68, and this specification is also the highest level in the automobile closed industry. Although the requirements of waterproof in different parts of the car, many cars manufacturers choose IP68 to ensure the conflict performance of their own cars.

Automotive connector design requirements:

1. The connector is stable and reliable;
2. Positive force is stable;
3.4. The voltage and current of the connector connection circuit are stable and correct;
5. Good robustness, car connectors must be reliably working under harsh conditions;
6. Must be the same as the connector for high-speed long-distance communication computers;
7. Connector Insertion Force: 20.5kg or less;
8. Connector holding force: 2.5kg or more;
9. Temperature adaptability: -40 ~ 120 ° C.

In the driving of the car, the power supply is a very important source of energy, which is not only related to the normal operation of the engine, but also people often involve the use of the power supply during driving. Therefore, in the power system of the car, the car connector has different divisions, between the male connector and the device, between the male terminal connector and the cable, there is a mother in the male and female connector. There must be a certain closed measures between the terminal connector and the cable.

In the conflict performance of the automotive connector, the seal is a common tool, which can reduce the fixing effects between different pores, but also the effect of the seal. Can guarantee the stable operation of the car equipment, but also guarantee the waterproof performance of automotive equipment in the work. The sealing ring uses silicone rubber in the production of silicone rubber, which is produced by liquid silicon and solid silicon through a certain chemical change.

Now that the car is in use, electronic circuit technology is an important aspect in the automotive industry, not only in driver entertainment, but also, including the driver’s control system in driving the car, electronic circuit technology plays an important aspect in the stability of the car.

Post time: Dec-20-2022

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